Monday, March 31, 2008


1. My daughters are now proud rodent owners. Friday night we went out and got the girls some new pets. We ended up getting the youngest 2 gerbils & the oldest a Guinea pig.

2. Winter will never end. This is the most depressing weather I have ever seen in the metro. Nothing sucks the life out of you more than knowing that everyday that you wake up there is going to be crappy weather. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

3. Road Construction is on its way back. The weather isn't going to slow down the closing of lanes and bridges in the metro. I still don't know why they just don't build it right the first time.

4. Why isn't Metro Sports in HD? You would think that the channel owned by the cable company would be. I guess they can't even get that right.

5. Stillwell Station is the best unknown BBQ Joint in the Metro. If you haven't been to the gas station for BBQ then you are missing out. 199th and Metcalf & yes there are tables inside to eat at. Try the rib tips & Pork.

6. What is pathetic? Pathetic is when you don't have a team in the race (and never have) and you talk trash about another team. MU & K State fans who haven't seen a good basketball season in decades this applies to you. Stay on the sidelines where you belong.

7. The tax deadline is approaching. I refuse to pay my taxes before the deadline. Why should I? I don't get a refund. Over the years I have found myself despising those that do get money back from the government. If anything those that get refunds should be the ones cutting the check at the end of the year. They are the ones that didn't put in their fair share.

8. The fact that the Royals are opening up in Detroit has taken away from my opening day excitement. I did hear rumors that 88 of the Royals televised games will be in HD. Watching baseball in HD is better than being there.

9. Most blogs suck. Have you ever hit the next blog button at the top of blogger? Holy crap there are some turds out there.

10. Malcom X. I dig this movie. It was on MOJOHD all weekend and I watched it twice. Weird for a conservative Republican to watch, I know but the man was very interesting.

11. Have you read _____ book? I don't think I have read a book from cover to cover in over 15 years(besides what I read to my kids). I think people read just to say that they did. Don't you think that if the book was any good that a movie would be made about it? The only exceptions to that rule are books that contain information to improve my earning power.

12. Backyard living area. I have decided to shelve the patio idea until next year and start from scratch. This means new deck & patio. I have been researching these outdoor living areas and have decided that if I am going to spend the money, that is the way to go.