Wednesday, August 22, 2007


There is no surprise here that Kevin Kietzman makes an ass of himself while discussing the signing of Larry Johnson of the Chiefs. The "family man" decided to call out LJ's character in regards to him being a team leader. Kietzman said that there is no way that he is a leader and that he has said and done too many controversial things for people to follow him. I find this funny coming from a man that owns (leader) part of 810whb. 

A man that while bashing the family values and "leadership" qualities of others were in the meantime cheating on his wife and kids with a twenty-something employee of the station. These actions not only caused him to get a divorce but created turmoil in the company that he owned. Kevin Kietzman is the biggest hypocrite in sports media today and his judging others on character is like Michael Vick telling someone how to care for dogs.