Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My job is to entertain current and future clients which means that I have an expense account that I get to abuse on a monthly basis. This includes Golf, Royals Games, Gift Cards, Donuts, cookies and the most important thing, Lunch. Having free lunches at nice restaurants everyday use to be a nice perk. How many people get to eat where ever they want for free 4 days a week? One day I could be eating at the Plaza III and the next some good Sports Bar Food and then some BBQ.

After nearly 9 years of entertaining people it has become old. I actually hope that the clients will have to reschedule just so I can get some down time. It is tough to be "on" all the time and to continually make excuses for the people that work for me. I have an excellent client base and it is no longer necessary for me to "whine and dine" them, yet it is expected.

So I figured once a week I will post where I have eaten and what I had so I can reflect back at the end of the year on the variety of food I have had. So just to get caught up here is a list of places I have been in September.

1. Fox & The Hound
2. YaHooz - Town Center
3. Parabskis deli - Topeka
4. Glory Days Pizza - Topeka
5. 1924 Main - Downtown
6. Manny's - SW Blvd
7. Arthur Bryants - Downtown
8. George Brett's - Plaza
9. Hereford House - Downtown
10. Pierponts - Union Station.

Today I am heading back down to Manny's