Sunday, January 13, 2008


1. It is early in the first quarter and KCMO is trying to keep their lead on KCK for this years Murder Bowl with a close call at a local ER.

2. NKC says don't count us out and puts one up on the board.

3. And my favorite headline of they day (especially after reading the above) is "Legislative to see proposal to condemn gangster rap". THAT SHOULD FIX EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that these people were elected? What a collection of dumb ass's.

4. It is not news to many out there that Claire has Jungle Fever.

5. California is creeping closer & closer to becoming a socialist state. Wasn't this once the land of the free? Now we aren't even free to set the temperatures in our own homes.

6. Cat corpses & a million bees will take this home off of the parade of homes list.

7. Hillary blames Obama for being black.

8. When Hugo Chavez does it they call it seizing properties. When your local mayor does it they call it eminent domain. Which is worst?

9. Clinton top adviser gets arrested for going 70 in a 30 while hammered. It is good to see that the Clinton camp has such high regard for our safety.

10. Dumb ass. That's right just simply put, Dumb ass.