Monday, March 10, 2008


I haven't had much time to blog lately but that should all change starting today. In my downtime I have picked up a new stalker. The funny thing about this stalker is that of all the controversial subjects I cover on this blog, this guy who chooses to post anon is a defender of Brobecks BBQ. Seriously, this is the cause that this guy champions. The defense of crappy sub standard BBQ will not be allowed on this Blog. That is rule #132. Rule #4 is that if you post anon chances are it won't get published.

BUT since BBQ is a passion of mine I will address a couple of simple items that MR. anon (in lenexa, yeah I got your info) is drastically wrong in.

1. A lot of Smoke doesn't equal flavor - Any clown that has ever competed in or been part of a competition knows this. A good place to get information about such matter is the KCBS. Too much smoke dries out the meat and takes away from the meat flavor. If I didn't want to taste the meat and the seasonings then I would eat a piece of burnt hickory or smoke a pack of Camels.

2. It is odd that a place that over smokes its meat never has smoke coming out of the building. I agree. My friends and I have been trying to figure that out for ourselves. That could be the problem. They could be trapping to much smoke in the pit.

3. Fries are important. Anyone that thinks that fries, beans, slaw, rings, corn etc... aren't important to a BBQ joint is crazy. How many times have you heard about the fries at Oklahoma Joes & Rosedale or the Rings & Beans at Jack Stack? The owners of these places take just as much pride in their side dishes as they do in the meat that they serve.

I do plan on going back to Brobecks in June for another review. I will have hoped that by then they will have figured out how to work their pit. Ask anyone that has gone to the several differnt Bryants locations through out the city and they will tell you that the stuff that is coming out of the original pit is far superior than what you get at their other locations.