Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The QUICK HITS section continues to be one of the most popular sections of this blog. Thank you for all of the emails.

1. Never trust a dairy farmer! Anyone that can live amongst that odor is capable of anything.

2. Coyote fur coming soon to Leawood Macys?

3. The Broadway Bridge is now dual purpose. I am not sure that the fall is high enough to kill you, luckily the filth and sewage in the MO is bad enough to finish you off.

4. Mammy canned. Who didn't see that coming?

5. So you have 10 people hanging outside of a house after midnight in KCMO's gangland..........

6. Pregnant man seen outside gardening.....yes I said that.

7. I thought New Yorkers were tough? Take a Tylenol and get back to work!

8. Why is a story about a photog getting speared with a Javelin funny to me?

9. Kangaroos slaughtered to save Lizard? Why do people think that every species deserves saving? This is what happens when liberalism hits the outback.