1. Will muslims look the other way when Obama kills muslims? I thought that dems thought that killing terrorists is the reason we got attacked...

2. Environmental wackos only care about "global warming" when it is convenient and they need they are out of thing to bitch about.

3. This would be a great idea for a prison movie.

4. Obama is clueless when it comes to Israel.

5. British man give you tips on how to handle facebook conflicts with your wife.

6. Does Obama have the temperment to handle the stress of the job?

7. Did the Chinese government run the Obama innagurarion?

8. Whats the deal with Asains in Virginia? This time the weapon of choice is a ginsu knive to behead someone. That doesn't sound like a quick and painless death.

9. When this guy is done with Kosovo maybe he can help out KCMO, that is if he is up to the challenge.

10. John McCain starring in THE SELLOUT.

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