Thursday, February 26, 2009


As the rest of the metro bloggers try to make this dress code thing into the greatest racial struggle of our time they are overlooking one small detail. I am not sure that the people championing the freedom of hip hop gear have ever been to a club here or any other city but MOST clubs that would be considered "Black Clubs" have the same damn dress code.

Hell listen to a KPRS ad for a new club and they always discuss a strict dress code being enforced. I have no problem with the hip hop life style or music, hell I grew up around it BUT everyone knows that certain clothing items/colors/etc.. promote street gangs.

Example from a local hip hop blog
There is a dress code in place, but unlike the discriminatory no-cornrows policies instituted by clubs such as Roadhouse Ruby's, these rules are set and enforced by African-Americans. Collared shirts are required; athletic wear, casual hats, work boots, flannel shirts and jumpsuits are all outlawed. The doorman turns away a handful of patrons. None of them protest, and several return within an hour in upscale attire. These are the most extreme cases; most offenders warrant only a trip back to the car. "If you come in with that, I'm going to have people arguing," the gatekeeper says to a man sporting a wicker cap. The patron, still smiling, heads to the parking lot.
Yeah that f's it up for those that aren't part of that crap BUT having these rules in place JUST might prevent them from getting shot for wearing a Hoyas Hoodie.