Friday, February 27, 2009


I can't believe the amount of headlines there are today that have KCK in them. Is KCK worth all of this attention? Seriously, besides the speedway area KCK is still the craphole it always was. I would much rather read stories that healdines that said Village West rather than KCK.

The media should take the "ignore it and it might go away" aproach to all things East of 435 in KCK.

1. Something tells me that this dead guy wasn't out to get a tortilla at 1am.

2. KCK plans on flushing more money down the toilet on 18th street.

3. This had to be the hardest list ever prepared in the history of lists. "1000 kck men to be honored". WOW, I wouldn't think that they wold be able to get past 10.

4. So much for your Union....