Friday, February 13, 2009


"They carried signs that described their concerns over the way city leaders and the media treat residents living east of Troost Avenue."

Instead of blaming people for reporting whats going on in their neighborhood wouldn't it be better to clean up the problems? When their is a mini ethnic cleansing going on in a part of town shouldn't it be covered?

YOU RELIGIOUS LEADERS are to blame for this crap as well. Are you saying that you have more pull in City Hall than you do in your own backyard. Can you intimidate the media but not a drug dealer for setting up shop on a corner? GIVE ME A BREAK!

SILENT PROTEST, THAT DID NOTHING TO PREVENT SOMEONE FROM GETTING KILLED JUST LAST NIGHT!!!!!! If you were truly men of god you would be out there fighting every day to prevent crap like this from happening instead of spreading the gospel of self promotion and pocket lining.