Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Emailers know that JOCOSOB is days ahead of most blogs on stories of interest. While other blogs are covering the moon landing read these stories and sound intelligent today, for a change.

1. Does it frighten anyone else that a Machine called the "DOOMSDAY MACHINE" is coming back online after REPAIRS?

2. List of TV stations going off Analog and switching to Digital early.

3. Pink Panties become political................

4. Anytime I read a story about Cannibals I can't help but think of Gilligans Island.

5. If you are 82 years old a life sentence is a joke.

6. Does Madonna not realize that she is old, ugly and played out?

7. Teens watching 2 hours of porn a week on the internet. Anyone else think that number might be a little low by maybe 5 hours?

8. Chicago kids are getting their ass's kicked by teachers at school.

9. Lesbians in sports will always make the blog no matter what the story is.

10. Sat radio in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!