Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am sorry for the delay today. I have been busy celebrating the fact that thanks to Barry Obama Superstar, I no longer have to make my house payment. On with the hits you ignorant misinformed bastards.

1. New Hampshire family decides to live like KCMO residents for one year and plan to blog about it.

2. I thought that after meeting Nancy Pelosi that the Pope would be in favor of abortions. I know if I had to spend anytime with her I would be........

3. The new Attorney General wasted no time in bringing race back into the discussion. You know that this country is racist when we have a black president and a black AG.....Sadly nobody ever discusses the racism towards white people in the NBA.

4. DO YA THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. So he just layed there while she did all the work......interesting.

6. Peanut sniffing dog. Yeah I didn't think it was news either, single men over 40 have had this trick down for years.

7. This is why the news is awesome. They are covering a story about raising money to save a freaking dog. HAVE THEY NOT SEEN OLD YELLER???????????????

8. KCMO is one of the top cities that people DONT want to live in. hehehehehe.

9. I don't know why KC can't find anyone to work in the North East part of town..Are they not offering enough danger pay?

10. 130 Home Depot Employees in KC are getting axed.