Friday, February 27, 2009


1. The thought of doing another price check was too much for this guy.

2. ECO WACKOS now want you to start using reusable Toilet Paper. I take it that ECO WACKOS don't like Mexican Food.

3. Now that the election is over Clinton proves that she is no champion of Israel.

4. The demand for Repo men is on the rise.

5. Giving to charities ruins the governments complete takeover of everyones basic needs. So nobody should be surprised that Obama wants to penalize those that give.

6. Finally someone in Hollywood makes a stand against being "PC". I would like to thank Eastwoods old ass for stepping up to the plate.

7. Local cop gets screwed and it makes the news as a happy story? If this guy wanted to truly pay him back he would of payed the proper interest rate on the $8 that he borrowed over 20 years ago.

8. Apparently it is a big deal to do a cartwheel after you murder someone. I thought it was just good manners.

9. Chicago man tries to give Obama the HIV.

10. The Canadian Airforce was scrambled to protect our president. HOLY CRAP! Do they have anything better than a biplane?