Monday, February 09, 2009


I apologize for the delay in my blogging today. I am sure that most of the JOCO metro area was lost and confused with out my guidance through the smear that is the local/national news.

1. Rather than paying off 90% of Americas home loans the bastards in Washington would rather rob you blind and spend the money on crap. Imagine life without a mortgage!!!!!!

2. Even more reason to think that A Rod is a douche bag.

3. Economic czar in UK threatening to break out Eastern Block travel restrictions to protect the air.

4. Smoking weed will kill your balls.

5. Obama is as coordinated as Steve Urkel

6. Illegals sue American citizen for not letting them Trespass......................

7. Thanks to liberals in congress we are all being forced to eat ghetto meat at McDonalds

8. You know the world is messed up when Chris Brown turns into a woman beater.

9. If Zeus is a myth then how the hell did they find his birthplace.

10. The Irish are the only people with any sense on this planet.