Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Top 1o stories that others will be posting about later in some fashion. Just remember that the only opinion on the internet is mine.

1. Pimping is Easy in Arizona. Fyi, these could be the ugliest two chicks in America that aren't named Pelosi or Odonell

2. The Gaza strip is getting $900 million dollars to prevent it from looking like the East Side of KCMO.

3. Teacher kidnaps kid for a sexual field trip. I guess she forgot to get the permission slip signed.

4. There are actually sick bastards out there that think the death of a little girl is something to mock and laugh at.

5. One chick gets her face eaten by a chimp and now we need federal laws agains chimp ownership?

6. Mexico is so dangerous that political figures are moving their families to the USA for protection...

7. California tax dollars wasted once again. This time the extremely smart people in cali have been paying for kids that speak spanish to learn spanish......

8. George Clooney is considered a foreign policy expert to Obama.

9. American Tax dollars are now going towards the retraining of the liberal media...

Playstation is hurting our wussified kids.