Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Top Ten stories to read today before someone you know loses their job.

1. Is this a signal from God? By burning a church in Chicago god might be saying that he doesn't like someone from that city competing for his job.

2. If you charge for something that nobody wants to read does it really make sense? Dumb Bastards.

3. Never Fear the Liberals are Here. The way to turn around the economy A DISC GOLF COURSE IN TEXAS! A BUTTERFLY GARDEN IN FLORIDA, A DOG PARK IN CALI........

4. PC has gone way to far.

5. This has the potential to be the greatest movie ever made.

6. Obamas thermostat suggestions do not apply to him. This is typical of a Liberal

7. Barry Bonds is a moron.

8. Sex Changes at 16????????????

9. Didn't this just happen in How I met your Mother?

10. Dumb ASS!