Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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1. Anytime a chimp beats the crap outta someone it has to be linked on the blog.

2. PETA probably feels no pity for the 5 year old eaten by a croc.

4. Border Patrol officers are finally released. These poor bastards should never of been there to begin with.

5. Yemen captures freed Gitmo terrorist. Lets hope that the folks at Yemen do a better job dealing with terrorist than what the Obama regime plans on doing.

6. Anyone else find it funny that if Kate Moss wears a bra it makes national headlines?

7. The Meth problem in Missouri is so bad that they are going to require a script to get cold medicine. If it becomes law this thing needs to be signed in either Independence or Raytown.

8. Its no surprise that the Welfare state of Missouri took advantage of Government welfare minutes after it was signed. Do Missouri residents have no dignity?

9. English only is being challenged in Wichita by Hispanic parents. I wonder if they wrote the appeal in Spanish....

10. Why is it that every Female Gov Kansas has ends up being a worthless piece of.....