Thursday, February 19, 2009


Judging by some of the moronic emails I have been getting today liberal socialist are getting their feelings hurt. I am not sure they were ready to see their god get attacked so quickly.

Can we expect more of these types of emails now that the Obama is going to pick up the internet tab for the poor?

1. Those liberals that actually do work in Kansas will be getting a raise in July.

2. Wyco gets some crime fighting help from the feds. 300k should cover the policing of one square mile in KCK for a year.

3. Are there really banks on Independence Avenue?

4. KCMO kids can't ever catch a break. This suck twisted F*** raped 2 little girls over a dozen times. I can only hope that he will face the same in prison.

5. Iran has enough uranium to build a nuke and we have Obama at the helm. It's like a Steven King novel.

6. Liberal media sources aren't worth the paper or screen they are written on.

7. John Kerry gets a love letter from Hamas. His wife does look like a camel......

8. People around the country are pitching in to rid Jessica Simpson of her fat layers.

9. First Rodney King went 100mph in a Festiva and now this guy hits 137mph in a civic.

10. Al Sharpton found a new gig.