Friday, February 20, 2009


Lets face it, nobody watches the news on Friday night and most of you don't watch the news at all. Without me most of you would wonder around all day talking about the weather and the chiefs draft without a clue as to what is going on in your own backyard.

1. Fox news is now on board with my theory of the JOCO HO. This story just goes to prove that prostitution is only legal for the wealthy.

2. Pictures are now out demonstrating the power of Chris Browns pimp hand. This dudes career is over ahd he should be getting his ass kicked everyday in prison.

3. More details out about the Chimp attack. I know its wrong but I still think the 911 tape is freaking funny.

4. Even Bill Clinton thinks that Obama is spreading too much fear in order to get his way.

5. Your kid can now take over Citi Bank with his allowance money.

6. White Rappers in KC are doing battle. What a freaking joke this is. There may not be a more pathetic part of the JOCO metro areas population than white rappers.

7. Prisoner decides to cut off his well umm.....yeah, with a razor.

8. Those of you National Readers need to book your tickets to KCMO around the court date involving the Rodney Kinging of this guy. This could be your best time to go looting in the next year.

9. Isn't that a lot of weed for someone to have on a Teachers Salary?

10. If you are going to steal a vehicle it might be a good idea that you know how to drive it.
Thanks for the Story Tony.