Tuesday, February 03, 2009


This city is headed to hell in a hand basket and nobody is lifting a finger to stop it. The upside of it all is the quality blog material that i get on a daily basis. Thank you KCMO for being as f'd up as you are.

1. A bullet to the head is typically deadly. KCMO

2. When arguing with your spouse (in KCMO) you need to either bring a gun or knife to the discussion. KCMO

3. Things are so bad in KCMO that people are willing to die because of shoplifting.

4. "said that his crack dealer had instructed him to take the girls to the motel" Word to the wise, never follow the instructions of your umm crack dealer.

5. Police sit back and watch as woman stabs man TWICE with a butchers nice....AWESOME.

6. And yet another shooting in Independence.