Wednesday, March 18, 2009


If I keep talking about AIG I might as well just redirect you to every other blog written by a conservative on the internet. So in an attempt to stay Above The Rim on the rest of these punks I bring you 10 stories that don't have the words finance and bonus in them.

1. It is good to see the city of Houston which is knee deep in gang violence focussing its attention on whores. Shouldn't there be a pecking order in which crime is fought?

2, Get knocked up, high, shoot someone and drop out of school BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT GO TANNING!!!!!!

3. This is why married women always make men fill up their tanks.

4. Ireland was the place to be yesterday. That sounds like a real celebration.

5. Its no coincidence that Washington D.C. is at an all time high since the Dems took over.

6. Zimbabwe implements the prison economic system.

7. I LOVE THIS STORY. They have over 100k in the bank but they are using our money to buy food. God bless America.

8. If getting screened for Prostate cancer doesn't improve your chances for survival

9. Beastie Boys releasing Check Your Head again.

10. Demi Moore is the most over rated chick in entertainment history. I gag everytime a story comes out talking about how hot she is.
then why the hell are these doctors analy rapping us?