Monday, March 09, 2009


Another Monday is about to come and go and thanks to me you are all just a little bit smarter than you were yesterday. When we live in the crap storm that we live in now, the best distraction is humor. Just today I went through somebody elses blog list and laughed my ass off at the garbage that is out there. Be thankful that you have found me, seriously, most of the rest of the crap on the internet sucks.

Do yourself a favor and follow the blogs to the right of this screen and delete the rest of your bookmarks.

1. Cloning will not occur on Obamas watch. I call BS on this, you know that by the end of the year Obama will have a midget clone of Rev Wright running around the White House.

2. Something tells me that Houston, Texas might not be the best place to visit right now.

3. Utah will soon be full of drunk mormons.

4. Our "friends" the Saudis are getting ready to beat the crap out of a 75 year old woman for eating bread from strangers.

5. Pirate museum opens in North Carolina....

6. AWESOME! Russian dude dies after eating 43 pies. That my
friends is a great headline.

7. Are Vampires Real?

8. If the world bank is so freaking smart then how come they didn't predict the crap hole that we are in now?

9. Worlds of Crap in Kansas City is up for sale. This could be the worst theme park in the country...

10. Who the hell breaks back into jail?