Friday, March 13, 2009


I was recently told by a blogging group that they wanted to promote this crappy blog nationally but I had to stop with the Hip Hop Videos. Now why the hell would I want to do that? I have been listening to that crap for over 20 years which is longer than I have been a conservative. Why the hell are some conservatives so damn uptight? I politely told them that they could kiss my ass and ask me again when they pulled the "Foot Loose" corn cob out of their ass.

1. One day we are doomed and then the next we are told that it isn't so bad? This passes for freaking leadership? Does he shake a magic 8 ball for his takes on the economy?

2. CITI Bank tells Obama to shove his nationalization attempt up his ass.

3. It's safe to say that taking care of corpses will always be a recession proof career.

4. Obamas popularity is dropping faster than Chris Brown record sales.

5. Warren Buffet sold his soul to the devil this past election and now it is time to collect.

6. Hoarding of ammunition by citizens surely is a sign that Americans trust Obama...

7. Fox news rates the 10 worst celeb boob jobs.

8. Is Obama finally realizing that he isn't Jesus? Poor bastard, that has to be hard to take.

9. Oprah is kinda full of herself.

10. QUOTE OF THE DAY "HE'S PROBABLY BUTT UGLY". Thank you for that.