Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I got an email from a friend of mine informing me that the KCMOSD is looking to fill 3 teaching positions before spring break. If you are interested one of the following please let me know and I will forward your resume to the proper people 3 SUBJECTS THAT HAVE OPENINGS; Drive By Ed, Shank Shop, Welfare Economics.

1. Kansas is home to the oldest fossilized brain ever discovered. Further proof that Kansans have been brighter than MU residents since day 1.

2. P&G is working on a sex patch for women to increase their sex drive. Couldn't you get the same effect out of women if men taped $100 to their arm?

3. Obama hates England but loves Hamas.

4. I guess my email to the RNC worked.

5. Hillary Clinton tells Israel that we don't give a crap about them anymore.

6. Conn. teens have watched Mystery Men way too many times.

7. WSJ calls out Obama.

8. Why would scientist want to make an HIV strand?

9. McDonalds running out of Chicken was reason enough for this woman to Call 911 THREE TIMES!

10. What the Hell did JOCO do to deserve this!!!!!!!!!!!!!