Monday, March 30, 2009


I have decided to start fighting back about the carbon worshiping idiots of this country. Since one hour was suppose to help the planet so much (what a joke) then lets flip the script on these hairy armpit chicks. I give you UNEARTH HOUR. For one hour every month we will do all that we can do to show the brainless drones on the left that a cow can fart and the planet will still be hear.

So for one hour I want you to do the following

1. Start your car and let it run. Roll the windows down and crank up the AC.

2. Light a charcoal grill in the backyard and throw on some chemicaly enhanced cow meat.

3. Turn all the lights in your house on. And then sit out on the deck.

4. Even if you don't smoke, light up a big fat Cigar.

5. Turn on the plasma screen and leave the room.