Monday, March 02, 2009


Does anyone remember the movie Red Dawn? I consider that movie to be one of the best movies I ever watched in my childhood. How can you beat High School kids fighting for their freedom against communist forces that now governed them? One day they are sitting in their classroom and then BAM! their lives have changed. Sound Familiar? Anyone else feeling that way about their country lately?

If you take away the guns, parachutes, and bad acting it is almost exactly what we as Americans are going through now.

The extremist on the left are using this economic problem to radically change our country by stripping people of their wealth, freedoms, guns and speech. BUT we can't just blame the extremist on this, Ohh no. The moderates in the Republican party are just as guilty, maybe even more so because they lied to us.

Anyways, getting back to Red Dawn. Remeber the head of the student counsel that lead the Cubans/Russians to their hidden location because he thought it was good for them all? That guy in the KC Media is Scott Parks. He wants to walk, talk and sound like a Republican so that he can have a job BUT is very quick to attack "his own". Who does that?

We have 2 years to kick the Moderates out of the party and expose them for what they are. Call them out as you see them and let them know that there is no room in our party for them anymore.