Friday, April 24, 2009

GUEST BLOGGER-Dem Nuts Weekly Analysis - Tom Scherer

Intro: Thanks for a public forum to give your blog followers a dem nuts weekly analysis. As well as the opportunity to give feedback on what fiscally conservative people understand is important. The goal is political satire in a snarky format until I switch to serious political commentary. Basically, I am keeping at eye on fiscally irresponsible socialists trying to annoy as many demiwants as humanly possible. Hopefully, fiscally conservative bloggers can anticipate what the dem nuts are scheming next; thereby anticipating, benefiting and taking advantage of their flawed progressive socialist-commie demiwantism.--dem-i-want-ism. (I want this and I demand fiscally conservative middle class people work and pay for it via some kind of an irrational doomed abominable economic redistribution scheme).

International crap: Barry returned from his listening pacifist agenda with evil despots and dictators trying to make the world a little safer. Award one point and hope Barry’s risky international plan works. Sea captain rescue tell us defending ships on the open seas with fire hoses seems a tad bit moronic. A cruise-missile launch for targeted Somali pirates before they launch might be an appropriate progressive step to clearly establish why sea piracy is historically not a wise economic strategy. For domestic pirates which are more numerous (demiwants), the best weapon to deploy is the 2010 election cycle missile. Hopefully, there will be no pirates at our local lakes, yet. But seriously, consider deploying your own strategic anti-pirate local defense systems ASAP. IMF and dim global declines of 3-4 trillion suggest commie dems should all invest in China since it actually will continue having a declining positive GDP.

Domestic Crap: Barry’s still trying to get various tax schemes to pay for the second part of his Spend and Tax agenda-the Tax portion. Irresponsible and wasted social spending of historic amounts is basically over. But these demiwants will keep trying to waste even more. Now that blowing our tax dollars part is over until next year, Barry has to shovel thinly veiled tax schemes like Crap and Trap and/or a Carbon Tax. Basically, a regressive indirect utility tax on the air we breathe continues to dominate dem nut tax schemes.

Barry’s tax schemes are a huge fiscal priority. If Barry cannot con us into some huge tax scheme, other flawed and irrational dem nut domestic plans like forced health insurance on everyone cannot move forward. This would make the rich drug, medical and insurance industry and their PACS and lobbyists unhappy. So, anticipate all kinds of clever federal tax schemes for the rest of his administration. As well as anticipate every government trying to do the very same thing in creating their own tax schemes.

Meanwhile DHS Secretary “I need to be fired” Janet continues to classify our war veterans as high-risk domestic terrorists; while also insulting all Canadians within a one week time frame. To find out if you, your spouse, lover, neighbor, boss, co-workers, parents, grandparents and even your children or pets are domestic terrorists, find out for certain by having them take the simple quiz at If they are, be a patriot and report them to DHS pronto until Janet is fired as Secretary of DHS. In regard to “looking forward” instead of prosecuting Bush war criminals is absurd logic that by not looking to the past merely ensures Barry will repeat Bush-like domestic surveillance and be unable to resolve GITMO.

The stock market and the 50 cent k plans are up and down again raising economic anxiety as people are realizing the 19 biggest banking institutions inflated numbers are fluff packed with billions of increasing non-performing assets. Nationalization of banking and the auto industry continues. Barry can’t make his mind on whether economically unviable Government Motors should take bankruptcy. Or instead, do something really stupid-take our 13.4 billion tax secured bailout loan and convert that into unsecured equity stock. Brilliant provided you are really a stupid moron that works for Treasury Tim. If I told you my corporation was going bankrupt real soon, would you say “bummer, let me help you out by buying a bunch of your stock.” This is moronic. And that’s what dem nuts are suggesting doing with our taxpayer money.

Wednesday, April 29 will be Happy Depression Day as real GDP numbers will be negative for the 3rd time meeting the standard economic definition of a depression. Celebrate depression by taking massive anxiety medications/most favored substance needed for coping. To make the depression even worse, May 4 the Treasury will use puffery to gloss over reality regarding their financial stress test to delay a huge economic meltdown.

State Crap: Kansas Governor issued distributed an email dated April 17 once again recommending a change in tax policy rescinding prior planned tax reductions, incorporating fuzzy transfers, advocating a decoupling from federal tax policy. Further, there was rejoicing by both parties the high possibility Kate was getting her ahs out of Kansas ending her long history of legislative obstruction. Thursday, Kate ensures abortions continue with her “swan song” veto. Consider sending her a glad you are leaving KS gift.

SIDENOTE: From a state perspective, it is important to understand the biggest mistake after Barry’s election occurred while Obama attended the National Governor’s conference. Most of the state GOVS were whining about having to cut back on their respective budgets/facing reductions in state employment. Barry caved and shifted huge chunks of federal budget outlays originally planned for domestic infrastructure. This wasted mistake is merely going to backfire and merely give about a one-year delay to reductions in state budgets, programs and employee cutbacks. However, it is important to note after Barry rescuing every state government, he stated shortly afterwards GOVS better use this bailout of state governments wisely because there will be no more federal state government bailouts later. So expect a lot of rotten stuff happening at the state government level.

Barry’s cave-in to save state GOV(S) (bureaucracy) instead of spending on infrastructure will go down in history as a huge political/economic blunder making the rest of his economic agenda doomed to the fiscal crapper. Now the various state GOVS understand their budget problems are only delayed. This includes Kansas. So, expect going forward not only federal tax increases, but state, county and local tax increases as all these governments strive by irrational methods every effort to fight from limiting the size of their respective governments budgets, agencies/staff levels via various and assorted tax schemes. In simple terms, you the tax payer are screwed some more for quite a while going forward by all these different governments.

Local Crap: I overcame the nightmares and horrors related to doing my dirty laundry and washing the dishes; while becoming convinced I need to join a support group so I can relate better to my rotten and ungrateful vacuum cleaner. M congressional campaign remains focused on earmark reforms and possible progressive tax policy positions favoring the middle class. I am also enduring JOCO Tax Appraiser fascists that are still not timely processing my appeal of their ridiculous property tax assessment, again; but still wanting my tax protest check May 15. Lots of work related to continuing my snarky PorkBall series at my separate blog, New Style Kansas Politics @ Basically, SOS.