Monday, April 27, 2009


Mondays suck and anybody that says otherwise is a corporate kiss ass. "Oh I just love the start of the work week" F YOU BROWN NOSE!

1. The Peppermint Patties of JCCC make it big.

2. KCMO building follows the lead of citizens of the city and gives up.

3. Which came first, the teleprompter or Obama?

4. Only an Elitist douche like Prince Charles would think that this makes sense. This is further proof that inbreeding is dangerous.

5. Mayor Bloomberg needs to check his email a little more often.

6. Is Jules Winfield heading up foreign trade for China?

7. I don't really get the whole Beyonce obsession anymore. She use to be kinda cute but now she looks like the girl from Willie Wonka that ate the gum and turned into a Blueberry. Every time I see her she looks bigger than the last time.

8. Marital Rape? I don't get this. Wouldnt this be the same as Carjacking your own car?

9. Maybe this gal is jumping the gun on getting the 40 POUND TUMOR removed. I bet she woulda cleaned up in the freak porn business.

10. 500 movies on one DVD. AWESOME.