Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Man today was a rough day for kids in America. I find it funny that people want to blame TV, Movies and MUSIC for the violence acts that the youth in the country when the real violence that they are seeing is at home, at school or in the neighborhood.

Ask an illegal alien from Mexico if they receive the same treatment as Obamas Aunt. SEND HER ASS HOME!

2. Orphaned children living in the United States are left wondering why Madonna hates them..

3. Salesman in Texas rapes 78 year old woman......

4. Was it take your daughter to work day in Washington?

5. Salem Mother decides that her child no longer needed cancer meds. The 9 year old is now dead.

6. Brittney Spears continues her return to dominance by posing nearly nude in ads showing off her new and improved body.

7. Penn Jillete calls out Obama

8. It seems that the only subject being taught at Oprahs school in Africa is Sex Ed. Maybe the poor people of Chicago should be happy that she skipped them and went there.

9. Will Zoo officials blame the pollution in STL on the death of this polar bear? One down 60,000 to go..

10. Medical experts don't understand why cases of the Flue were down in Missouri this year. WELL MAYBE it is because people aren't working so it isn't being spread at the work place