Friday, April 17, 2009

QUICK HITS - Protect Ya Neck

Yesterday I said that drug dealers were bigger believers in capitalism than our President. Apparently this upset some of you idiots on the left which forced you to send me sniveling emails complaining of my tactics. To all of you that sent emails, prove me wrong.

Drug dealers have more experience in the business world than our community activist and that is sad. Has BO ever had to worry about inventory, quality, store locations, hiring and firing of employees, training and collections? The answer to that is hell no.

1, Ugly and ignorant is no way to go through life. Can someone please tell me why they put her ass on 24? And better yet, why haven't they killed her character off in a slow painful way?

2. 24 inches of snow in mid April is a sign that global warming is here.......

3. Do you want to use the word "wider" when discussing a female condom?

4. Look for Dodd to start looting the government of even more money since he is more than likely not going to be reelected.

Another "looker" liberal is in favor of massive bailouts of the Obama propaganda machine (newspapers). DO MY TAX DOLLARS NEED TO SAVE YAEL ABAHACHOO's job? Media bailout my ass.

6. Can you really call these pieces of crap automobiles? The unveiling of these Gov mobiles had to be as exciting as getting a Pet Rock on Christmas.

7. Man with Pet tools took playing doctor too far when he started doing breast implants. Can you imagine these chicks waking up and seeing that their chest looked like the underside of a female dog?

8. The President of the United States continues to be the bitch of all dictators.

9. So we can find Cleopatra's tomb but Bin Ladens cave remains a mystery?

10. Somebody actually kept track of all the moronic things that our VP has said? talk about time consuming.