Thursday, April 09, 2009


I am here because 90% of the conservative blogs in this country suck. It is true, have you read them? If you haven't don't. I did it for you today and you aren't missing anything. If their blog isn't listed on the right hand side of this blog then well, they suck(be sure to hit the show all link). When did being a conservative mean that you ran around with a stick up your ass, a hand on the bible and no sense of humor? Anyways, you had your chances and you failed so close your accounts and move along............

1. 47% of the country are weak and would die without the government.

2. Will tax increases in these states lead to a mass exodous? Competition amongst states could be a good thing. I see states not raising their taxes using this to their advantage........

3. Pirate crisis bring out greatness in our leaders. The president is clueless and the Sec of State is concerned and John Kerry wants to hold hearings. If something really bad happens we are totally screwed.

4. Obama staff blatantly lies to our faces about his bowing.

5. The UK might have someone more incopetent than Obama.

6. Race baiters in this country want you to believe that an Obama Chia pet is racist...

7. Bruce Springstein shows that he is truly a liberal democrat by cheating on his wife with another mans wife.

8. Girls between the age of 15-22 are probably going to get knocked up, catch an STD or simply turn into a whore. Well 3 outta 4 of them will.

9. If I found this check there would be no story to report.

10. Chinese man has needle up his has for 30 years.... You gotta love government run healthcare..