Monday, April 20, 2009


This Saturday I will be holding the first annual SOJOCO water boarding tournament,. We will be using the 2008 CIA rules so that means no goggles or nose plugs. Trophies will be handed out to 2nd and 3rd place(because 1st place will probably be dead). If you are interested please email

1. Will the other side of the CIA memos be released or will Obama continue to give us half truths?

2. Axlerod lives in Wonka Land if he believes half the crap that comes out of his mouth. HEY JACKASS! Your puppet is AntiAmerican, lets fix that first before we worry about others.

3. Overweight individuals need to start hiding in attics before Obama sends his Acorn army out to round you up. According to the Emperors government you are endangering the lives of us all. This will be his first act as World Leader.

4. When the AP goes after Obama you know he is in trouble.

5. Miss California gets passed over because she is against gay marriage.

6. Lindsey Lohan will be appearing topless in Vegas...............Cya

7. Is it news when an Ethiopian and a Kenyan win the Boston Marathon? Tell me when some pasty Irishman from South Boston wins it.

8. Photos of the Craigslist Hooker killer have been released. TIP: If you don't want to be killed by this then don't whore yourself out.

9. The people that live East of 54th street in KCK have got to love the Giagantic water park and development dollars for the new water park. Of course they will be loving it from their condemend homes surrounded by Barb Wire and Pit Bulls.

10. WTF is family week? And do we really need a week for it? Stupid Hippies!