Thursday, April 30, 2009


Obama has been in office for 101 days and the liberals are crying now more than before. They haven't even packed up their hanging Bush dolls and piss bombs yet and they are complaining that the rest of us aren't following thier christ blindly like they are. There is a certain satisfaction one gets at seeing liberal bloggers and pundits shrivel up and cry. Buck up little ladies and pull the sand out of your clits. Things will get better in 2 years.

1. A woman that believes that size does matter, especially 3 inches.

2. I guess the code name "Charlie" was pretty accurate for McGillis.

3. I guess the new administration really thought that Club Gitmo was a resort.

4. Why is it that these liberal attorneys attatched to the Clintons keep showin gup dead? Just how many secrets are out there that we still dont know about?

5. If your old ass needs a freaking Garmin to navigate the grocery store do us all a favor and stay home. If you cant push a cart dont get behind the freaking wheel.

6 . Kansas City Vetrans are getting free cocaine injections at the VA hospital (no joke). I think that this is the only way that they can get troops to fight for Obama.

7. You know social security sucks when old ass women story cutting up bricks.

8. Socialist Leaders in Washington need to be drug tested asap.

9. What is the deal with European Leaders and Crusades?

10. I am sure that the former gov of Kansas is an expert on Swine Flu after one day on her job.