Monday, April 13, 2009


I am learning that moderate "Republicans" are almost bigger babies than liberals. Good grief, you call some people out and the tantrums begin. "How can you call yourself a conservative yet never mention religion in your posts" ,"How do you expect me to get elected unless I run as a moderate" blah, blah, blah, blah....

1 . Obama gives the order to kill 3 pirates in a life boat and the media makes him out to be General Patton. Come back to reality people.

2. Welcome to the party jackass's! What took you so long?

3. I thought that Polar Bears were these fragile cute and cuddly animals. There must of been too much carbon in his cage.

4. Ever had a tree growing in your lungs? Me neither.

5. Newspapers can't even be given away! Please go the way of the 8 track...

6. Its a good thing that we keep this cash crop illegal.........

7. This woman put more miles on her body than anyone before her.

8. Old people using the internet is news????????????????

9. BOXED WATER!!!! You ignorant overreacting green bastards.

10. Who the hell is requesting this type of prostitute???????