Monday, April 13, 2009


Today at lunch the subject of what Kansas City was known for came up. So we listed off the typical answers that everyone says fountains, parks, boulevards, BBQ, Plaza Lights and Jazz Music. After reviewing this list we came to the conclusion that the KCMO chamber of commerce should be sued for false advertisement and here is why.
  • The Fountains don't have enough funding to be run 24/7.
  • The Parks are littered in dead bodies, shell casings, drug paraphernalia and gang graffiti.
  • The Boulevards take you through the hood.
  • The BBQ in this town is nothing more than average. Texas and Memphis have us beat.
  • The "Jazz" in this town is scarce and nowhere near a tourist attraction. Nothing like the Blues in New Orleans
So we sat down and came up with things that should replace the above mentioned items in an effort to more accurately describe the city. Keep in mind that I was the only JOCO resident at this luch and the 3 others were from KCMO and NKC.
  • Terrible public school system that goes through a new superentendent every year.
  • One of the highest per capita murder rates in the Nation.
  • A mayor that works out of his house so that he can be by his wife
  • Losing professional sports franchises
  • An empty train station
Anyways, don't you think it is time to ditch the crap that your city claims to be famous for?