Thursday, April 09, 2009


55 degrees in Kansas City/KCK are economic boosts to local funeral homes, ER's, police tape & chalk manufactures, casket makers and religious/community activist looking to shake down community members for either money or power.

1. I have to say that killing someone by drive by MIGHT just be the biggest P**** move there is. You are in a moving car with an assault weapon creeping up on some unsuspecting victim that has no chance. Maybe if these jackass's had to look into the eyes of the person they are killing things would be different. Drive by shooters are ghetto cowards. One Dead and One injured in KCMO at the hands of your local gangsters.

2. 27th and Prospect continues its streak of being the crappiest area in the metro. Man shot twice in the gut.

3. Local religious leaders continue to make going to church undesirable.

4. You have to admire armed robbers that are able to think quickly on their feet.

5. Those of you that are able to pay your rent should start hand delivering your rent checks.