Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It is good to see that violent crime is back in KCMO. We missed you. Also I have to give props to the people of Independence for the strangest arson I have ever seen. KCK you are on notice!

1. 2 shot, 1 killed in a shooting in Kansas City, Missouri. I will have to remember that line for my 12 days of a KCMO Christmas Carol next year.

2. You gotta admire the fight that these two had in them. Not only did they hold off cops for 6 hours BUT they did it in a freaking burning building as their skin melted. Makes you wonder if there was something more to this doesn't it?

3. Can you imagine all the great smart ass comments you could make as you kicked someones ass in a Burger King parking lot? It almost makes it worth it.