Monday, May 04, 2009


I am going to take a break from politics for a moment so that we can discuss the biggest hoax in movie history. We all know the story of the poor ghetto kid from Jersey that moved to California and got his ass kicked everyday by the local "popular" kids right? Most of you probably felt sorry for him and rooted for him through out the movie. Have you asked yourself why?

Lets look at the situation without the Hollywood slant. Here is Johnny and his buddies minding their own business, practicing their karate, riding their dirt bikes and dating the hottest chicks in school. They all come from good families and live in nice neighborhoods etc..

Daniel Larusso is poor, from a broken home, has no skills, no future and no friends and they had to move from Newark to Cali so that his mom could take a temp job. We also know after watching the movie that he is a liar and will say anything and everything to try and make friends with chicks and old asain pedos.

So why did Hollywood make this Daniel (if that is his real name) into some sad character that we should root for? If you ask me they should of ended the movie with Daniel getting his leg sweeped and crying back in the locker room while smoking crack.