I am not sure if everyone in the metro knows this BUT on Sunday afternoons it at "The View" community center in Grandview there is a gathering of some of the biggest losers in the Metro. I heard about this place today and had to drive by just to make sure I wasnt being lied to because I didn't believe that this was happening.

It turns out that on Sundays 100's of douche bags dress up and have midevil battle reenactments. I nearly pissed my pants laughing when I saw this. They were all dressed up and chasing eachother with their pretend swords while their "wenches" looked on. This is no lie.

So if you need a great freaking laugh be sure to drive by this on a Sunday of your choice. I have been told that this happens every week rain or shine.


  1. This would have been the perfect place to post some good pictures! Too funny!

  2. Since I frequent this establishment and watch them engage in combat, I realized that when all of our guns are taken away by Obama, these people will be all that is left to protect us. While they practice with foam swords, you better believe that each of them has an "excallibur" waiting in a sheath to be weilded at just the right moment.