Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I hope that you gamers out there enjoy the new video game review section. I have known Akira for nearly 2 years now and despite that I asked him to help out with some content for this blog. This guy knows his crap when it comes to Video Games and if he says it is a good game then chances are it is.


Hey there interwebs, Akira here by command of the great JOCOSOB. Today I'm get to review a great game for you guys Left4Dead. You might have guess from the title that this is a zombie game. Where you have been “left for dead” against the zombie hordes that now infest the world because you were lucky enough to be immune to the zombie virus. Lucky you.

This is a first person shooter, that can be played by yourself, split screen co-op or up to 4 people online. And the online is where this game shines the most but why? Because the none player characters are no way as smart or fun as our friends...well most our friends that is. >.> You can play online with random people but some may not use mikes and other may just be screwing around and mess up your experience. So if you can find some friends to play it will enrich you time with this game.

Now getting on to more of the game there are 4 different survivors that you can choose to be. And you take them through 4 different stages that are each set up as a separate movie. As you and your team fight off the zombies or normal infected you will also be randomly jumped by special infected who have special traits to make your already bad day go to worse.

There 5 of these starting with the Boomer which is a blob of a zombie the if close enough to you will vomit upon you attracting all zombies in the area to you as well as exploding when shot. Next is one with a wicked tong called Smoker, called so because when you kill him it fills the area with smoke. He will try to ambush you by grabbing one of the team with his tong and dragging them off to be constricted by his tong or crushed against whatever you get stuck on. Next is the Hunter who will jump upon his victim and claw them to death. Very quick and agile. Next is the Tank. This fella here is a royal pain in the butt to bring down. He will try to smash you team with his fist or by throwing boulders at you. The whole team must work together to bring this behemoth down. Next is the Witch. Now the witch is a little different then the other special infected in that she is not hunting you but rather randomly in your path. Which means you can most of the time avoid fighting her completely. But should you be unfortunate enough to grab her attention she will attack whoever startled her and kill them quickly so the team must again come together to stop her.

Now your thinking well that's not so bad just learn where there at on a stage and be ready for them. Well normally that would work except this game brings a great mechanic that all the zombies are randomly placed on the stage every time. So you will never play the same stage twice. Adding greatly to the replay value of this game. They use music to let you know when and which special infected is upon you. Graphics are ok running from Valves engine. This game is rated mature in case you didn't notice. So that means not meant for kids so parents do us all a favor and know what your kids are playing for gods sake. O.o

So the final line I give this game an 8.5 out of 10.

And the way this worlds going we need to start preparing for the zombie apocalypse. So when it finally happens the rest of the world will lose there minds and we will be like “no big deal, I kill these things all the time”. JOCOSOB let me know when the zombies start huh.