Thursday, May 21, 2009


WHO THE HELL ARE YOU HIRING! How is that a little girl can get raped one day in a classroom and a little boy can get sexually assaulted on a bus AND NONE OF YOUR EMPLOYEES were there to stop it from happening? What a disaster!

I hope to god that the East Side of KCMO rises up and says enough is enough and rids themselves of the current system. THIS IS YOUR DISTRICT AND YOUR KIDS, YOU HAVE A SAY. Don't take this crap. The district works for you, they are paid by you and the answer to YOU.

  • You should be demanding that your kids receive a quality education
  • You should be demanding that your kids can be transported to and from school without getting assaulted
  • You should demand that your kids aren't getting raped in classrooms while school is in session.
  • You should demand that teachers listen to your kids and take them seriously when they SAY THEY WERE RAPED.

Where are the ministers and activist? Should they not be organizing protests and fighting for the safety of your kids? These aren't outrageous demands to ask of your school district yet they continue to be ignored.

Good lord this crap pisses me off. THESE ARE KIDS!