Monday, May 11, 2009


It has started! This weekend was the first weekend that I have seen JOCO girls being pimped for school fund raising. You know what I am talking about. The teenage girls dressed in bikini tops and boy shorts standing on corners wanting to wash your car for free. This isn't a new thing by any means but it is still funny as hell when you break it down.

Parents/Schools need money for activities and equipment

The participants in these activities are attractive women that under most circumstances just looking at them could get you 20 years in prison.

Parents don't want to dip into their wine fund to send Brittany to Cheer Camp.

Parents get with school officials and offer to have their girls stand on corners barely dressed begging for money.

Middle aged men pull into parking lot and get car washed by other less attractive girls.

Middle aged man feels guilty for the enjoyment he gets from this free car wash and decides to make a donation.

Parents/Coaches/Teachers come up to middle aged man and take money and thank him for drooling over their kid.

If this crap happened in any other county besides JOCO the FBI would be conducting raids and linking this to craigslist. God Bless JOCO.