Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Today I learned that the effort to recall the Mayor of KCMO is 7,000 votes short of the 17k needed. How is that possible? This guy and his hunchback are more embarrassing to the metro than anything that I can remember. If this doesn't pass I don't want to hear another person complain or blog about this guy if they reside in the KCMO city limits. Is it possible that there aren't 17k people in KCMO that know how to sign their name? That has to be the only explanation.

1. NOW, (after everyone called them out) the White House is going to release "a photo" from Obamas near terrorist attack on NYC. The question here is WHY only "A PHOTO"? how about all the photos you idiots, we paid for them..

2. Bristol Palin would make a great democrat. Do one thing but expect other to do another.

3. I agree with Rush on this. If you hate the Republican party so much then leave it. He is a lot closer to a liberal than a conservative. I wouldn't even call him a moderate.

4. Obama is more of a dictator than gangster. He is too much of a dork to be a gangster.

5. When will they learn that people will not pay for the news on the interenet?

6. Saudi women have the hottest eye lashes.

7. The idiots in Washington seem to be guessing on the amount needed to "save our economy". How are we suppose to believe that this amount will be the final amount? Your money is being flushed down the toilet by lawyers and elitist in Washington.

8. Arnie is leading the way on legalizing weed. Conservatives should be taking the lead on making this happen. I never have and never will use this stuff but making this crap illegal seems idiotic.

9. 20,000 more jobs to be created!!!!! Great news right? No. Just more government expansion.

10. When you paint a turd it still remains a turd. KCMO needs to realize this.