Monday, May 18, 2009


Is there anything more annoying than people complaining that its Monday on Facebook? Holy crap, yes Mondays suck but I don't need 400 people updating their status to say that.

1. I am amazed at the number of people that suddenly think that Tijuana is dangerous. I use to go down to TJ at least twice a month when I was stationed out in Cali and it was just as dangerous then as it is now.

2. Of course Republicans are happier than democrats. Democrats get elected due to the misery of others.

3. Louisiana continues to be the most dangerous place in America to live. Just ask this Middle School teacher that is alive due to the poor aim of one of his students.

4. Turned his life around? Sureeeeeeee. Hell why stop at letting him live, maybe we should release him since he is suddenly such a great guy.

5. While the rest of you once a year do gooders are making yourselves feel better on June 6th I will be here on June 7th telling you that you made no difference.

6. Olathe is more messed up than I thought. When you have to tell your community that "Dads make a difference" your community is screwed.

7. Is it really news that Celebs ruin marriages? Alicia Keys bangs married men.

8. Is the price of assparagus really worth beating the crap outta a woman?

9. Congratulations! Your mom will be dead before you reach Kindergarten. Poor kid.

10. If you are missing Mike Hunt from your facebook friendslist this is why.