Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Have you noticed that a lot of once busy bloggers have fallen off the face of the earth or have resorted into posting about this mornings bowel movement? Good lord. I recently went through my blog roll and booted most of the metro bloggers ( I kept the best) due to the poop stains I was getting on my monitor when clicking their links. At least I know my blog sucks. Anyways, here are 10 stories that will be convered at length (boring) by other blogs looking to win a pulitzer.

1. Dog flu is coming to a canine near you. Is America ready to see the slaughtering of innocent canines to back the WHO? Or will America finally wake up and realize that we don't have third world medicine, yet.

2. Foxnews runs a story covering you sick bastards obsessed with womens FEET!

3. People are still losing their jobs despite Obama bankrupting our country and ruining capitalism.

4. Disgusting! Thats what I call a GREEN TRAIN! I say we go back to coal engines and really get crazy.

5. Perv GPS sales take a hit thanks to Kansas allowing free speech.

6. Consumers aren't buying crap despite the election of Obama. I don't get it. He was suppose to bring greatness...

7. This article could be either good or bad for men depending on who they are with..........

8. Isnt everything Unexpected in this administration? The say one thing and the other happens. These idiots will do and say anything to grab power.

9. Bill O'Reilly hates hot chicks on TV!

10. Speaking of hot chicks...........