Friday, June 12, 2009


Weekends are the time when everyone gets to forget that they may lose their job, their personal freedoms are being taken away, the government is ruining capitalism, we are close to war with 5 countries and your retirement plan is gone.

We do this by drinking, eating BBQ, going to sporting events and spending time with your family(that you see less than the people you work with). So enjoy yourself this weekend because Monday it starts all over again.

1. HIV has hit the Porn industry. Shocking I know. BUT YOU KNOW there will be some sick bastard that will make a porn called HIV Chicks gone wild and some of you sick bastards will buy it.

2. White people taking Africans away from their families? Madonna knows its 2009 and not 1709 right?

3. You have to be the most unlucky bastard on the planet to get hit by a freaking meteorite the size of a pea.

4. Obama is more like Stalin than Putin. Can the leaders of the Republican party get anything right?

5, Is the government getting ready to take over the tobacco biz?

6. The NYPOST has a great slide show regarding Movie remakes.

7. Maybe now Obama will have a reason to turn the economy around.


9. Time to take all of your rabbit ears to the metal man.

10. Are we really suppose to believe that this election is real?