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TOP 10 Stories in the news today. Read these and shut up.

1. After reading this article ( no I didn't read it, I looked at the pictures) I might have to watch this True Blood show.

2. I will refrain from commenting on Hillary Clinton's recent injury. All I will say is HAHAHAHAHA.

3. Canadian women are tough. Just ask this Cougar.

4. You shouldn't have to tell people to wear deodorant, s
eriously you shouldn't.

5. Symbolism without substance: Senate apologizes for Slavery. I am sure that will fix everything. When will the Irish people get an "apology".

6. Russian slut tries to restore virginity for a......6th time. You have to admire her efforts.

7. ABC is officially run by the White House.

8. Gay people think that Obama Sucks........

9. If North Korea is aiming at Hawaii then they should be safe.

10. George Bush finally finds his balls again.

1 comment:

  1. skip true blood, it sucks balls. Weeds is the best thing on cable/showtime. Except for trailer park boys, which if you havent seen it, you are really missing out.