Listening to the KCK police department blame the high crime on the temperature is awesome. If you will remember it was this blog that told you how to calculate crime based on temp etc.. But seriously, how freaking clueless are they? The problem with KCK isn't the heat its the freaking street gangs.

The temperature was the same in JOCO and you didn't see a murder spree. Only the ignorant will buy this excuse from KCK police. Remember they are trying to develop the west side of the community so gang violence in the east side is bad for biz.

Go out on youtube and you can see little kids holding assault weapons, drugs etc.. all in KCK and KCMO.

More later on this. Lots more.


  1. Johnson County residents are more likely to be able to afford the AC. And they're more likely to work in air conditioned office. So high outside temperatures wears on people in KCK more than it does in Johnson County.

  2. No, it is gangs. Plain and simple. just take a drive through, I dunno, the Argentine district, or what not and look for the graffiti. Learn to read it, and you will see some things you will not believe.

  3. Argentine is nothing compared to NE KCK. Argentine has a community feel to it with some decent businesses in it. Anything north of Minnesota and Easat of 38th street is freaking dangerous. You can actually read the stories on the wall there and they change daily.

  4. That is true. Very much so. Good post. Sad thing is, how do we know this and those charged with our protection do not?