We made it through another weekend! Survival is starting to become an accomplishment nowadays since we are either ducking bullets or pink slips. To reduce your stress try to keep life simple. This whole game only gets stressful when we make living life to damn complicated and others try to dictate our futures.

1. The Emperor offers beer to the man that he called stupid. This cop needs to stay away from the exploitation and remain on the higher ground.

2. Ever see someone from France win a marathon? The president of France shows us why.

3. Vernon Forrest joins the increasing number of celebrity deaths in July.

4. Some would say that this woman was forced to assist in murder. They would be right.

5. "This isn't about me" seems to be the in phrase this summer for African American elitist.

6. This mother needs to have the same horrific things done to her that she did to her newborn.

7. Instead of looking for proof that the emperor was born outside of the United States WHY can't we find proof that HE WAS BORN in the United States?

8 Further proof that AlGore is a blabbering idiot.

9. Israel needs to know THAT A US PRESIDENT DOESN'T HATE THEM!

10. It was just a few months ago that we were told that the recovery was happening faster than they first believed. Now, not so much.

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