Friday is usually the day that the cowards drop their controversial news stories and this week is no exception. From Pelosi to Frank the cowards are exposing their true intent. Let's face it people it is clear to see that there are two groups of people in this country, the elitist and the rest of us. Your government is failing you yet you keep electing the same idiots into office.....

1. If the jackass's in the government cant handle a simple car rebate program then how i
n the hell do you leftist, lazy ass socialist bastards expect them to handle life and death health care decisions?

2. "Freedom of expression must be limited" sounds like an Obama cabinet member.

3. Pelosi hates insurance companies BUT not enough to give back the shakedown money that she has received from them.

4. Which is more dangerous, the streets of Newark or the sewers?

5. Further proof that anyone with any sort of power in Jersey is corrupt. Daniel Larruso was lucky to get the hell out of there.

6. Snoop and Chris were busy last night in B-More.

7. Jon & Kate are no dummies. Anyone that thinks that thi
s split up is real is a moron. This is all for ratings. Remember Ed TV? this crap is staged.

8. Rosanne Barr thinks that Adolpf Hitler is a funny dude.

9. Polls say that Obama is worst than Carter. .......

10. Barney Frank slips up...

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